The Return: Contractual Disappointment in C++

The Return: Contractual Disappointment in C++

June 2022 C++ <Belfast> Meetup

Last week (June 2022) on Monday the 6th we held our first post-covid C++ meetup, and also our first time at venYou's Ascot House office. We,, provided the beer, pizza and snacks!

We had a great turn-out with more people attending than RSVP'ed, which was fantastic given that our speaker for the night, John McFarlane, made the trip up from Shannon to give his talk!

Meetup Summary

The meetup itself followed the usual format of food, drink and snacks accompanied by good conversation and a chance to make new connections and restart conversations with friends who people had not seen since before Covid.

After a brief intro from myself, and recap on the journey the meetup has been on (and where we hope to take it now that some kind of normal has returned), I introduced John so he could give his talk.

John's talk, "The Return: Contractual Disappointment in C++" was first given earlier this year at ACCU 2022 in Bristol, so for those who have never attended an ACCU conference it gave everyone a flavour of the kind of talks you might find there. That is, usually a deep dive into some interesting aspects of C++, but borne from hard won practical expereince. In John's day-job he works for JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) and helps build software systems for their many vehicle offerings.

The talk went well, and there was a significant amount of discussion throughout - which is great to see - great for attendees as it makes the whole session much more intereactive, and great for the speaker as it shows the engagement and makes the effort that goes into a prepping a talk well worth it.

So with that, and many thanks again to John for speaking, here are his slides which I hope serve as a good reminder of a great night!