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Managing C++ Build Complexity using Cuppa

Managing C++ Build Complexity using Cuppa

I recently gave a short talk at the ACCU 2016 conference in Bristol titled “Managing C++ Build Complexity using Cuppa”. In fact I ended up giving the talk the shortened name of “A Quick Cuppa: With SCons”. Due to the time restrictions I added some bonus slides to the deck that I presented at the conference. This extended deck is available here.

ACCU 2016: Algorithmic Architecture

ACCU 2016: Algorithmic Architecture

Not long ago I gave a talk at the excellent ACCU conference in Bristol titled “Algorithmic Architecture: Architecture in Evolving Regulatory Environments”. The talk received some very good feedback and quite a few people asked for the slides so here they are in their original format.

The Missing Piece to Understanding Market Liquidity

The Missing Piece to Understanding Market Liquidity

Last week we attended the 2016 World Exchange Congress, London, where I gave a talk titled, “The Missing Piece to Understanding Market Liquidity: Making Regulation Easier and More Effective”. Here are the slides.

Attending World Exchange Congress 2016

We will be attending the 2016 World Exchange Congress on the 22-23 March in London. If you want to learn how we're going to fundamentally change how liquidity is understood in the exchange space then we'll see you there.

clearpool.io are exhibiting at MoneyConf

We'll be exhibiting at MoneyConf on the 15th and 16th of June in Belfast - If you want to learn about the future of exchanges and how clearpool.io will change markets for the better come and talk to us!

Founder Jamie Allsop speaking at JAX Finance

Our Founder Jamie Allsop will be giving a talk at JAX Finance at the end of this month in London, titled, Algorithmic Architecture: Performant architectures in the evolving regulatory landscape. The JAX conferences are always a great place to meet new people and learn. If you see us there come and talk to us.

Attending The Trading Show

We will be at The Trading Show in London at the end of March and look forward to meeting you there!

Attending the World Exchange Congress

We will be at World Exchange Congress We'll be at the evening reception for the World Exchange Congress on Wednesday and we're looking forward to sharing ideas about the future of exchange technology and operation.